New Spring & Summer Fragrances Coming!

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! 

As we all embark upon this new year lets all remember the word HAPPY, The word NEW, and the word YEAR. Let's intentionally make sure we are HAPPY. Let's all create NEW opportunities, and levels of success in all areas of our lives, and lets make sure we are doing these things for the YEAR. 

I appreciate each and everyone of our customers and thank you for visiting us online! LC Candles handmade soy wax candles will continue being great smelling candles for you all to enjoy. As we approach the Spring and Summer seasons we will be updating our fragrance list to include some great smelling fragrances that will add something special to your Spring and Summer seasons. Make sure you come back and visit us online soon so you can see what our new fragrances will be! 

Looking forward to seeing you back here soon and shipping you some great smelling candles! 

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